Three Things You Must Know Before You Repair an Appliance

Three Things You Must Know Before You Repair an Appliance

If you follow the three simple rules of appliance repairyou can ensure that your appliance is repaired the right way every time.  Trying to save money by ignoring the rules of appliance repair is always bound to fail. Not only might your damage the appliance beyond repair, there is a good chance that you can hurt yourself or your family members if the appliance is not repaired properly.

Disconnecting either the gas supply or the power supply for an appliance is of the utmost importance if you want to safely diagnose the problem with the appliance.  If you need to test the appliance after you have made some adjustments you should plug it in, turn on the appliance, and observe it.  You should not try and make adjustments to the appliance while it is operating.  Any additional adjustments should be completed with the power and gas supply removed.

When deciding whether you can complete a repair on your own, you should consider the fasteners that are used to hold the appliance together.  Screws, bolts, and similar take-apart fasteners usually mean that you can work on the appliance yourself.  Welds, rivets, and other permanent fasteners are a good indication that repairs are best left to trained professionals.

Simply replacing a broken part is almost always a more cost-effective option than repairing a broken part on an appliance.  When a broken part is replaced it is essential that only new parts that meet the manufacturer’s specifications are used to replace the broken part.  There will be a few occasions where it is impossible to find an exact replacement part for an appliance.  In these instances you have the option of substituting a similar part that fits into the space left by the old part.  Be sure to check the manufacturer’s guide for any questions about installation.

You have many different options to choose from for replacement parts.  You can go to an appliance service center, appliance repair dealer, or an appliance parts store.  While brand name replacement parts are preferred it is also possible to use generic parts that are built to meet the specifications of the manufacturer.  Ordering the replacement part directly from the manufacturer is an option if you cannot find the part that you are looking for in a local store.  The address for the manufacturer is often listed directly on the appliance, as well as in the instruction manual.

In order to find the exact replacement part that you need you should make use of the model number and part numbers that are listed on the appliance.  Be sure to take advantage of the Internet as an excellent resource for finding a replacement part.  The first thing that should always be checked with any appliance repair is the power supply.  A bad power supply or power source is the number one reason for appliance failure.

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