Keep Lint Away with These Maytag Dryer Maintenance Tips

Keep Lint Away with These Maytag Dryer Maintenance Tips

Unless you are an appliance expert, you may not be aware of how important it is to clean lint out of your dryer system. Maytag dryer maintenance tips like these will help you to understand the steps that you need to take in order to keep your home safe and your dryer clean. It doesn’t seem like lint could cause that much of a problem in a home, other than being annoying when doing laundry. But the truth is that thousands of fires happen each year as a result of lint in a dryer system. Thankfully, these fires can often be prevented at no cost to you.

The first thing you should do is to check to make sure that you are cleaning out your lint trap each time to you put a load of laundry in your dryer. This is the simplest of the Maytag dryer maintenance tips, but it is still very important. Not only will this help prevent a fire, but it will also help airflow to get in and out of the dryer. What this means is that every time that you put a load of clothes into the dryer, the clothes will dry faster because the lint trap has been cleaned out.

Another small thing to remember is that if you use dryer sheets, you should take the time to clean any dryer sheet buildup from the lint screen as well. Many people use the dryer sheets so that their clothes are soft or to reduce static on the clothes. But if you want to keep the dryer from being exposed to the dryer sheet build up, you may want to consider using fabric softener in your washer instead. It does the same job as the sheets, but will not leave residue in your dryer. Maytag dryer maintenance tips such as these are easy to do each time to you head to your laundry room.

While those Maytag dryer maintenance tips are ones you want to think about almost every day, there are a few others that only need to done once a year. Unfortunately, lint doesn’t just get caught by the lint trap in your dryer. Lint can end up in other parts of your dryer as well as stuck inside venting tube that vents your dryer to the outside of your home.

Once a year you need to take your dryer apart and vacuum any lint you may find inside. You will likely find some lint in there if this hasn’t been done for a while. Another spot where lint likes to hide is in the venting tube coming from your dryer. If you have every looked at the vent cap outside of your home and found lint, then there is good chance there is lint build up inside your venting tube. This should be cleaned out with a long vacuum hose or a long brush. If you do this along with the other Maytag dryer maintenance tips mentioned here, the worry of a fire from lint build up won’t weigh as heavy on your mind.